Black Ant pills

Black Ant is used to treat sexual impotence and untimely ejaculation. Black Ant can extensively boost sex desire, induce and strengthen erection for men.

• Ginseng will increase the flow of blood and increses the body’s stamina levels.
• Polyrhachis Vicina Roger keeps the body in good health, solving lowered sexual dilemmas.
• Formica Sanguine will help to strengthen the immune mechanism.
• Hippocampi Horse Extract targets male sex organs as well as cuts down the feeling of low energy.
• Medlar Extract reduces tension and encourages the enhancement of sexual performance in men.
• Cordyceps Sinensis effective for energy and sexual capability.
• Saffron helps to improve our overall fitness and capacity.
• Snow Lotus treatments over inside problem and the circulation of blood.
• Snow Deer are mainly used for sleep and human sexual performances.
• Tibetan Yak Testicles supports sexual problem and improve sexual power during sex.


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Advantages and Benefits:
• Maximize man’s sexual overall performance.
• Always keep powerful longer result in the body system.
• Enhance erections as well as libido.
• Remove erection difficulties and ejaculation disorders.
• Improve entire body health.

Dosage of Black Ant Pills:
Take one tablet 15-20 minutes before sexual activity.


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